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Immersive, exciting, and engaging. IEVR Language Suite is designed for complete language immersion- to increase cognitive exposure, encourage regular practice, and fast track retention.

Technology Driven Education

IEVR Suite connects learners worldwide in a virtual space— combining artificial intelligence (AI) conversational teaching assistant (Mixi), English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum, and virtual classrooms that simulate an immersive language experience.

  • Learn English from anywhere with internet access with various vocabulary and grammar games, a personal AI conversational teaching assistant and classroom group learning, whilst learning from Native ESL Teachers.
  • Engagement with English learners worldwide!
  • Personalize your own avatar, customize your learning content and your learning environments— order a coffee in our virtual coffee shops or take a trip to the virtual zoo!
  • Receive an IEVR Language certificate at the end of the program.
  • Proven Language Learning Method recommended by University of Victoria - The Digital Language Lab
  • Native English Speakers
  • Our English teachers are highly qualified, patient and fun individuals, dedicated to progressing your English speaking abilities.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Our English courses are accessible through a Mac, PC, mobile, tablet, iPad and of course a virtual reality headset.
  • Educational games
  • Our wide catalog of games ranging from paint balling, to escape mazes, to dance challenges are all created with the goal of teaching you English in an exciting and immersive environment.
  • Immersive learning environment
  • Immersive learning environments that will test your knowledge using real-life scenarios, gamified learning and an AI teaching assistant. Virtual reality gives students the ability to practice their speaking in a judgement-free, safe and fun environment!
  • Real World Scenarios
  • Improve your English speaking abilities in real world scenarios, such as ordering a coffee, buying movie tickets or grocery shopping.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • With the assistance of our AI teaching assistant, you can learn English by practicing your speaking and engaging in a conversation with our AI bot, Mixi!