Learn English with Infusion Edutainment

Immersive, Engaging and Exciting

IE Suite (VR & PC)

Take our Daily English or IELTS Speaking Preparation courses with IE Suite! Our unique program offers an immersive VR experience, AI teaching assistant, interactive learning games, and homework to accelerate language learning. Available in PC and VR! 

Daily Suite

Users planning to use English in daily life or at work can use our immersive methods to learn English in a fun and engaging way. 


Designed to completely immerse students in a variety of topics to test their knowledge and prepare them for the IELTS test for academic or immigration purposes. 

IE Classroom (VR & PC)

We transform classrooms anywhere in the world into virtual classrooms and teach English to students with our Canadian ESL teachers to provide a native learning experience. Our virtual classrooms are offered for both academic and business purposes, for users to improve their English speaking. Our language courses are delivered to students in our virtual classrooms where you can interact with our teachers, meet fellow ESL students, and learn about Canadian culture as well as the language. 


IE School Class

Whether your students are beginners, intermediate, advanced or experienced, with our attentive tech support and ESL teachers we deliver fun, immersive, innovative, and unique learning experiences for your students. 

IE Business Class

We have a solution for corporations to improve their employees’ English skills with native Canadian ESL teachers.  Our program is designed to develop your teams’ English skills with a focus on the business context and environments. Result? Improved meetings, presentations, emails, and communication skills that are vital in the business world.