IE Daily Suite

The IE Daily English program is designed to provide students with general English speaking abilities through an immersive learning environment that is offered for both PC and VR headsets. You can choose to participate in our Daily English program for either a full term or just a half term, whatever works better for you!

Who is it for?

The IE Daily English Suite is designed for students who want to learn English at a beginner or intermediate level. Candidates of this program are planning to use English in their daily life, in casual conversation, or even at work!

Language Certification
Each student receives an IE English language certificate upon completion of the course.
Proven Method
Our program has been developed according to research conducted by the University of Victoria’s Digital Language Lab. We have worked closely with the university to incorporate their research into our proven language-learning method!  
Personalized learning
Students gain access to a personalized avatar, learning content, and learning environments, ranging from virtual coffee shops to extravagant field trips.
Innovative program
Our program is structured with various learning and practice modules including gamification, Mixi the AI Conversational Teaching Assistant, ESL Courses in Virtual Classrooms, and engaging homework.
Small Class

Class Size and Duration

  • Class size: 6 students
  • Full term: 8 months — 280 hours
  • Half term: 4 months — 140 hours
Medium Class

Class Size and duration

  • Medium Class with 12 people
  • Offered for 10 months — 350 Hours
  • Offered for 5 months — 175 Hours
Large Class

Class size and duration

  • Class size: 20+ students
  • Full term: 12 months — 420 hours
  • Half term: 6 months — 210 Hours
Offered on both PC and VR headset


IEVR Games

  • Gamification
  • Gamification works by stimulating the senses, providing a playful environment, and triggering each student’s natural curiosity.
  • Level Up
  • IEVR Language games allow you to progress your language proficiencies by challenging the user in various levels testing grammar, pronunciation, and speech.
  • Spaced Repetion
  • IEVR games show students language terms associated with a certain topic, each term is repeated throughout the game and spaced out to initiate rehearsal and retention.

Real-World Scenarios

  • Mixi, the AI Teaching Assistant
  • Each English scenario involves an AI chatbot, which when paired with VR technology creates an immersive learning environment where students can practice their English with ease.
  • Realistic Scenario
  • Our array of scenarios are designed to be realistic, safe, and non-threatening. Students can exercise their English skills in a number of different simulations before taking their knowledge to the real-world.
  • Conversational Practice
  • Speak one-on-one with an AI conversational assistant who will guide you through common English phrases, such as ordering a coffee or asking for the washroom.

Virtual Classrooms

  • Native English Speakers
  • Offering ESL students a beneficial experience to converse, ask questions, and be instructed in a controlled environment—regardless of geographical location.
  • Customizable Platform
  • Our platform allows teachers to load 3D objects and effects into the virtual classroom.
  • Communication between all learners
  • Receive real-time audio feedback from students and teacher’s as if you are in a real classroom.

Practice Makes Perfect

Daily practice of a foreign language through homework is a vital component of success in language learning. Therefore, in the last step of our program, students are assigned engaging, gamified, and repetition based homework to complete. Not only are these games fun, but they are carefully constructed for retention in long term memory. Instead of students avoiding their homework, they will be motivated to learn. 

Learning a language in IEVR Suite is supported by feedback, support, and one-on-one assistance from your native English Teacher. This ensures each IEVR student leaves with a complete and lifelong understanding of the English language.