Virtual Reality Language Learning


Our story

Infusion Edutainment Language Learning Incorporated is a cutting-edge technology education company. We are young at heart. Our primary focus is to deliver a new and unique way to experience immersive learning.

Our products and services consist of the Infusion Edutainment AI Bundles and the Infusion Edutainment Language learning platform. Infusion Edutainment Language Learning Incorporated is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. The company was originally founded as the Infusion Edutainment VR Lounge in 2016. Our scope of interest has expanded tremendously since that time.

The bulk of our services are offered exclusively online and offline teaching and learning program. Infusion Edutainment language learning goes far beyond simple language lessons. Our philosophy is rooted in the amalgamation of entertainment and education. People learn more if they are entertained. This is especially true for younger audiences. Ergo, our language courses are designed to incorporate a series of exciting and educational VR games.

Students can practice their understanding of English vocabulary, grammar, verb usage, pronunciation and comprehension. Students may also learn alongside a certified English teacher by registering into one of our English programs.

We offer 3 styles of classes…

standard class sizes of up to 12 students, VIP classes with a maximum of 6 students and 1 on 1 sessions .

We understand that learning a new language can be an arduous process. One cannot force it too quickly. A language must be taught, and absorbed, at a natural pace. Our courses are taught exclusively online, so students can study with their families, friends, spouses and more!