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IELTS Prep Classes
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students and professionals who want to learn a language anywhere and any time.
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We believe there is a better way to learn online!

Welcome to Infusion, your new language school.

You can learn a new language with our immersive online language resources. Prepare for the IELTS test, boost your Daily English skills, or discover work, academic, and travel opportunities.

Our language learning programs will guide you through engaging English lessons and deliver impressive results!

Our Language Programs

Developed by computer scientists, professionals, and ESL educators, IE Classroom and IE Suite are designed for worldwide students of all ages to learn English in a virtual campus with promising and immersive learning components. 

Why Infusion?

At Infusion Edutainment we want to ensure that learning English is fun, immersive, and exciting. We know a language must be taught and absorbed at a natural pace. That is why our courses are taught exclusively online through an immersive environment that ensures effective learning.