Join Our Virtual Classroom for Language Learning!

IE School Classroom allows students to immerse themselves in a safe learning environment and perfect their English speaking abilities.

A Solution for Language Learning that is Immersive and Engaging

Infusion Edutainment is providing platforms for schools to train their students and teach them English with native ESL teachers from Canada. We transform classrooms anywhere in the world into virtual classrooms and teach English to students with our Canadian ESL teachers to provide a native learning environment. Our language courses are delivered to friendly groups through virtual classrooms where your students can interact with our teachers and the other people in the group, and learn about Canadian culture as well as the language.

  • Native English teachers
  • All our teachers are native English speakers ensuring students are learning the best English possible.
  • Custom Programs
  • Our teachers can work with provided material or create custom curriculum designed around requested topics or learning levels.
  • Media Sharing
  • Teachers are able to share a variety of educational materials such as 2D PDFs or PPTs, 3D models, and even 360 video tours.
  • Various Class Settings
  • Students and teachers can learn and interact in various environments. Classes can be held in traditional classroom settings, students can practice on the beach and even explore Mars!
  • Safe and Fun Learning
  • The Class is a pressure-free environment helping to reduce the anxiety of learning a new language while adding fun and innovative ways to learn!
  • Flexible Class Schedule
  • Students are able to choose class slots that fit in well with their schedule and review pre-recorded lectures anytime.

Program Details

We are as flexible as you want us to be. We deliver 4, 6- or 10-month programs, with the frequency of courses varying from once to 3 times a week.
Class size
  • 15-30 students 
  • 31-50 students
  • 51-70 students
  • up to 300 people
Required Technology
IE Business class is available for PC and  VR.  For the PC course, you only need:
  • a High-speed internet connection
  • a Computer.
For a more immersive experience, join our VR course.  Where you will need:
  • a High-Speed Internet connection
  • a VR Headset