Learn English anywhere, anytime, at any pace! Through grammar and vocab games, immersive learning environments, and AI Conversational assistants, you can take your English speaking to the next level with Infusion Edutainment.

Improve your IELTS score with IE IELTS Prep Program

With various immersive, fun and measurable teaching simulations, Gaming, Mixi, the One-one-One AI Conversational Teaching Assistant, VR Classroom Group Learning and Homework, you can be well prepared for IELTS Exam.

  • Full practice of speaking module with Certified IELTS teachers and Maxi, the AI Teaching Assistant!
  • Gamification module to increase your vocabulary for IELTS Reading, Listening and Writing Modules!
  • Take our Daily English or IELTS Prep. courses. Our unique program offers an immersive VR experience, AI Teaching Assistant, Mixi and interactive learning games to accelerate language learning. Students can interact with learners worldwide outside of classroom times.
  • English Games
  • Learn proper English grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary through fun and engaging VR games. We have a variety of learning games designed to teach up to 3000 words, engage students and gamify classes using VR technology.
  • English VR class
  • Connect 6 to 20 students and 1 teacher in our virtual classrooms. Students can choose their own personalized avatar, utilize online learning tools, and fully immerse themselves into an online learning environment with Native Speaking ESL and certified IELTS Teachers.
  • AI English TA
  • With Infusion Learning, practice speaking English one-on-one in a comfortable space with our AI Conversational Teaching Assistant, Mixi. Mixi is configured to respond, teach, and simulate real conversations at varying levels of difficulty.

Connect the world with the IE Daily English Program!

“Experience the language in its natural environment”

IE Daily English Program will launch you in different scenarios in VR that encourage you to improve your vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and practice speaking. With the popular games, practical lessons, AI Conversational Teaching Assitant you’ll learn how to get along in real situations when you are in a cafeteria or you go on a field trip with your friends. You will also practice your English with Canadian ESL Teachers. A perfect combination that supports a faster and more effective daily language learning process.